For people with physical disabilities, ramps are not just a convenience; they are a necessity. Wheelchair ramps offer freedom for physically disabled and older adults who would otherwise be stuck in their homes. However, they also provide benefits for non-disabled individuals.

When it comes to outdoor ramps, nothing beats the style and versatility of a wooden ramp. Wooden ramps offer all the accessibility benefits at a fraction of the cost of a metal ramp. The best part is that a wooden ramp can blend into the style of any home.

The Benefits of a Wheelchair Ramp

When you install a wooden wheelchair ramp, it improves your property in many ways. Here are the top four advantages of installing a wooden wheelchair ramp:


  • Increased Mobility

Increased mobility is the most important reason that people install wheelchair ramps. Ramps help elderly and disabled people enter and exit their homes quickly and safely. Falls are a serious risk for many people; a ramp virtually eliminates the risk of falling. With a wheelchair ramp at the door, older adults can live independently for longer. Even for people who don’t live alone, wheelchair ramps make it easier for family members and other caregivers. There is no downside to a wheelchair ramp!

  • Flexibility

There are many types of wheelchair ramps on the market. You can choose a permanent ramp or a portable model. In any case, they are easy to install. As your mobility needs change, it is easy to add or remove ramps.

  • Benefits to Everyone

Wheelchair ramps can make life easier for everyone in your home. Everyone in your family will appreciate how easy it is to bring groceries and other items in and out of the house.

  • Better Resale Value

While most non-disabled home buyers won’t go looking for a home with a ramp, an attractive, high-quality ramp enhances the look and utility of your home. This can make a difference when it comes to the selling price.


If you or a family member are facing mobility challenges because of age, injury, or disability, a ramp can make a big difference to their quality of life. A high-quality ramp offers benefits for everyone in the home and can even make your home more valuable. Are you ready to learn how a wooden ramp can make your life just a little bit better? Give Coulee Region Mobility a call today.

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