Mobility services and aids are important tools that can increase the safety and independence of disabled loved ones. We understand how challenging it can be to talk about mobility services. Here are some creative ways to talk about them with your disabled loved ones that will empower them and bring you peace of mind. 

Respect is Golden

Living with a disability has its fair share of discouraging and frustrating experiences. Always communicate respect when you are concerned about your loved one’s safety. It’s important to emphasize how a mobility service can give them more freedom to do the things they love. Replace condescending words such as “you should” and “you must” with more empathetic phrases like “I noticed this” and “would you like me to look into this service?” This outlook will place value on their decisions and give them greater control over the situation.


Take Time to Talk About it

Having a mobility service installed is a big investment. Rather than doing an “information dump” all in one sitting, take some time for both of you to talk it over. Make opportunities to gradually bring it up in their day-to-day moments. If your loved one is reluctant to do it for financial reasons, emphasize that their independence and quality of life is worth it. Financing is available to simplify payment for most of these services. At the end of the day, it’s really not about the money. Mobile services are tools designed to empower your loved one to live their best life for today.


Have them Shop it Out

Make sure that your loved one is the decision-maker in the shopping experience unless they specifically express the desire otherwise. Encourage them to browse through brochures, catalogs, and websites. Have them lead the conversation with the installation customer service staff and installers when they ask for key questions. Getting involved in picking the styles they like will further empower them to take ownership of their independence. Watch their confidence blossom when their decisions come to fruition and the final project is complete! It will be an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. 


Take it for a Test Drive

If models or rental services are available for the mobility service, your loved one can test it out before they decide. That way, they will know what to expect when they place the order and it is installed in their home.


Talk Together with a Doctor

Getting recommendations from a doctor about mobility services is an excellent option. Once the idea is introduced and under consideration, book an appointment with their doctor to get a physical evaluation. Both of you will gain valuable insight into a mobility strategy that will work best for your loved one’s unique situation. A doctor can also write a prescription for mobility aid products as needed.


Your Partner in Mobility Services

If it’s time to talk about mobility service options with your loved one, we hope that these tips will help you. Our caring team at Coulee Region Mobility can empower you and your family to make a quality decision and help improve the quality of life in ways not previously thought possible. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started!


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