Suffering from a broken bone means that your body needs time and resources to help it rebuild. Eating a diet made up of the right foods that are rich in nutrients can help it accomplish that. 

Make sure that your diet comprises each of the following elements in order to support its efforts at healing your broken bone and making it stronger. 

  1. Calcium

Everyone knows that calcium is one of the most important components in building strong and healthy bones. Aim to get between 1,000 and 1,200 milligrams of calcium from foods and beverages that are rich in this nutrient every day. Some good sources include milk, cheese, kale, beans, almond milk, cottage cheese, collard greens, soy, and broccoli. 

  1. Protein

Protein makes up about half of the average person’s body structure. This is why it’s such an important element to ensure that you get enough of while your bones are healing. In addition to meat and fish, fortified cereals, nuts, beans, seeds, and soy products are also good sources of protein. 

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is often thought of as an immune booster. While it is excellent in that role, it is also a key element in the process your body uses to make collagen. This protein is an important part of building bone, so it’s crucial for you to get enough of it in your diet. Be sure to eat plenty of berries, peppers, green leafy vegetables, kiwi fruit and citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits. 

  1. Vitamin D

Vitamin D works in conjunction with your body’s functions to use calcium and increase the minerals found in your bones. While getting vitamin D naturally through exposure to sunlight, that can be difficult depending on the time of the year and where you’re located.

This vitamin occurs naturally in foods like fatty fish and egg yolks. It’s also added to other popular foods and beverages like orange juice and milk. Aim to get at least 600 IU of vitamin D daily if you’re under 70 years of age and 800 if you’re 70 years old or older. 

  1. Iron

Having an adequate amount of iron in your body can help it heal more quickly after you break a bone. Iron is another element that is responsible for making the collagen that’s necessary to rebuild your bones. It also has a key role in transporting oxygen to your bones so they can heal. 

You can find good amounts of iron in foods like whole grain breads, dark meat turkey or chicken, eggs, leafy green vegetables, oily fish, and dried fruits. 

  1. Potassium

Unfortunately, calcium can exit the body when you urinate, so it’s must always be replaced. With adequate amounts of potassium in your diet, though, the amount that is lost can be reduced. Bananas, seeds, milk, nuts, fish, orange juice and potatoes are foods that are high in potassium.


By focusing your diet so that the above foods and beverages are an integral part of everything you eat, it’s possible to increase the health of your bones and make a broken bone heal faster. Here at Coulee Region Mobility, we care about your health and will help you get to where you need to go. Give us a call today – 844-487-5617.

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