Living in your own home is a simple joy that many take for granted – but unfortunately
there are many people living right here in the Coulee Region who rely on machines like transfer
lifts to independently maneuver everyday activities like getting out of bed, using the toilet,
getting on and off a wheelchair or chair, or getting into the tub. The great news is that modern
technology has led to a number of in-home accessibility machines that allow for greater
independence and self-esteem in their homes and help people in need of these devices avoid
assisted living facilities, when possible.

Patient transfer lifts (sometimes referred to as sling lifts, transfer lifts, ceiling lifts, track
lifts, patient sling lifts, or Hoyer lifts) are electrically or hydraulically powered machines
designed to assist individuals, either in caregiving facilities or in their homes, in moving from
one surface to another. Track lifts can be an incredible benefit to individuals with mobility issues
like being bound to a wheelchair and help make simple day to day activities much more
accessible for people who face movement based challenges. When the machine is installed
properly and adequate training is given to its user, transfer lifts are very safe and comfortable.

These machines come in a variety of shapes, forms, and sizes. Some can be suspended
from the ceiling on fixed tracks, some rest on the floor, some are mounted to the wall, and some
are mobile and might allow for use in multiple rooms. They are made by a number of
manufacturers, each with their own strengths and properties. A huge benefit to working with a
company like ours is that we’ve seen and worked with these machines for well over a decade, so
we are well suited to help you redeem your movement throughout the home in the best way
possible. Our recommendations for what might be best for your situation would depend on a
number of factors including what accessibility challenges you are often facing at home. Call us,
and we are happy to answer any questions you may have on what kind of ceiling lift is right for

Coulee Region Mobility can customize, service, and install ceiling lifts among a
number of other home accessibility devices throughout La Crosse, Onalaska, Holmen, Sparta,
West Salem, Tomah, Viroqua, Cashton, Westby, and everywhere in between – no matter where
our customers are at, we consider it to be a privilege in helping you or your loved one regain the
independence you deserve.

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