Many brands today make accessibility products to help make your life easier, like stairlifts, vertical platform lifts, or scooter lifts. These brands include Bruno, Acorn, and Harmar, to name a few. Coulee Region Mobility is a Harmar dealer and can repair Bruno and Acorn products.


These brands produce quality products to help those who are disabled and are not always able to get around easily themselves without some help. We are proud to be able to recommend the best possible product available for our customers.

There are a lot of similarities in these brands, and few differences. We’ll list more info below for you to consider before making a purchase:


  • Harmar– This trustworthy brand is mostly American made. A major plus is that as the exclusive authorized Harmar dealer and service technician, Coulee Region Mobility can service and install their products much more quickly than what you might see in other companies. Harmar uses the same broad support network approach as Bruno, but being a younger company, they are more cutting edge of technology and customer first oriented still striving to be the best. 


They are known to listen to the little things from their techs and customers and are always tweaking their products to better suit the needs of their customers. Harmar’s circuit boards are standardized throughout all of their product offerings, which makes diagnostics and troubleshooting much easier for service technicians. Where the industry standard is to use a steel rack and pinion gear drive for their lifts, Harmar uses a polymer helical drive with a nylon gear rack. This reduces friction resulting in a quieter, smoother ride that uses less power and has less wear without the use of messy lubricants. 

Harmar also lays claim to be the most narrow (when folded) lift on the market! This is important when installing a lift in a narrow stairway. A couple years ago, they introduced a new stairlift model that was modeled after their most popular model just to meet the need of their customers for a less costly lift. It still has all the standard features of the top model while only sacrificing a couple minor features that most do not need. We at Coulee Region Mobility feel that Harmar offers the best possible home accessibility product for their utility, ease of use, as well as the fact that we can rapidly respond and repair service requests with their products. When you consider that these products are designed to help individuals with movement limitations navigate through their homes, if they break or malfunction the speed at which they can be repaired or serviced becomes very important. While the machine is sitting and waiting for service, the user can struggle to go about their daily activities in their homes and life. Locally, Harmar turnaround times for service and repair are the fastest of any brand since Coulee Region Mobility is the exclusive in-network carrier and servicer of its products. Other brands typically have to call on a service agent from out of network to make any repairs who might be coming from as far away as Madison or Milwaukee.


  • Bruno– American made, Bruno is another good accessibility brand that offers products that can be helpful and beneficial in the homes and lives of people with accessibility issues. Like Harmar, they have several authorized dealers and service technicians that are reasonably close in driving distance to all major cities in the U.S.  Bruno is a solid, trusted, and established brand with a broad support network of dealers and service technicians.


  • Acorn– This brand provides a 24/7/365 help line and has service technicians all over the country, but they have the fewest service technicians available than any other accessibility company and none reside in the La Crosse area. Acorn excels with their diagnostics panel that flashes codes to alert of potential issues, that is easy to interpret and use.

All 3 of these brands do an excellent job at providing a product that is safe, reliable, and meets safety standards. We install accessibility products and provide services to enhance your quality of life. Coulee Region Mobility is all about creating solutions and peace of mind for your loved ones. Give us a call today, we are here to help: 844-487-5617.


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