Ceiling lifts are stationary lifting devices that can transport patients between their bed, toilet, or wheelchair. Repositioning is often anxiety-inducing to caregivers and uncomfortable for patients, which is why ceiling lifts are essential. A ceiling lift can safely help the elderly or people with disabilities do activities for daily living. Ceiling lifts also help caregivers confidently transfer their patients from one point to another without causing injury.


The point of having a ceiling lift is to provide comfort and assistance to patients who cannot get up on their own. While purchasing a ceiling lift for the first time can feel daunting to families, understanding their features can make the job easier. And the best way to choose a home ceiling lift is to assess your home and the patient’s needs. Narrowing your options down to one trusted brand can likewise help you decide.


Fixed Ceiling Lifts

All ceiling lifts use an overhead track to help patients sit up and move from their beds. Not all ceiling lifts, however, share the same modes of attachment. Fixed ceiling lifts are usually permanently installed on an indoor ceiling track to help patients move between different rooms at home. Fixed ceiling lifts are ideal for patients who require long-term care in one permanent place.


       Ceiling Lifts for Residential Homes

Installing ceiling tracks to accommodate fixed ceiling lifts works best for permanent residential houses. A permanent ceiling lift requires enough overhead space and a durable ceiling. Fixed ceiling lifts are typically ready to use with no setup required. Spacious homes have the advantage of ready-to-use ceiling lifts for safe and convenient patient transport.


Fixed ceiling lifts allow better maneuvers between rooms with their versatile ceiling tracks. Ceiling mounted units are also ergonomic and do not require floor space. Homes with large lifting areas allow flexible movement between rooms and safe transport for bigger weight capacities. Fixed ceiling lifts, however, require building permits for rented spaces.


Portable Ceiling Lifts

Portable ceiling lifts use a free-standing track system that can be set up or taken down as needed. These are ideal for patients who need to travel or move from house to house. Flexible lifts offer patients the same comfort and safety as fixed ceiling lifts. They also offer solo caregivers a reliable lifting solution for any room in any home. Foldable lifting units can be carried and set up almost anywhere.


       Portable Ceiling Lifts for All Kinds of Homes

Portable ceiling lifts are flexible enough to use for different kinds of homes. Patients who live in apartments or smaller houses have the opportunity for safe transports with them. Affixing permanent ceiling tracks is not required for this type of lift. Patients who constantly move from home to home or live in single-floor apartment units can benefit better from it.


Portable ceiling units are better for homes with less overhead space or apartments with thinner ceilings. Patients who live in homes with rooms that are closer together can benefit better from them. Foldable units also do not require permits for rented homes for the installation of ceiling tracks.


Get Your Mobility Back With the Right Ceiling Lift

If any member of your household requires extra assistance to get out of their bed or move, getting a home ceiling lift can make life easier for them and caregivers alike. Improve the mobility and accessibility of patients with the right ceiling lift from Coulee Region Mobility in Sparta, WI. We offer Prism Medical ceiling lifts that can suit your needs. Contact us for a free in-home estimate today!

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