Physical independence is a luxury to some senior citizens and persons with disabilities. Moving independently around the home can be a struggle, especially when using the stairs. Fortunately, home stair lifts have become readily available to improve home accessibility. Stair lifts are a convenient solution for individuals who want to improve their mobility without a caregiver.

Stair lifts provide safe transportation to and from the upper or lower levels of a home. Users can also easily carry items such as groceries while using these devices at home. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities may also remain seated on their wheelchairs as their stair lift operates. Overall, stair lifts are a great way to prevent falling and injuries at home while promoting independence. Here are other ways the equipment improves home accessibility:

Stair Lifts Promote Safety

Falling accidents are one of the leading causes of fatal and non-fatal injuries for senior citizens in America. Stairs are also the leading cause of falling accidents among the elderly and wheelchair users alike. Having a stair lift installed at home can ease anxieties among users and family members. Stair lifts make independence safer for those who need it.

Safety features in stair lifts, such as seat belts, obstruction sensors, swivel seats, and emergency breaks, ensure accident-free transportation. Well-installed stair lifts from top manufacturers meet rigorous safety standards. In addition, the best way to maximize the safety of stair lifts is to practice regular maintenance and inspections.

Stair Lifts Are Convenient To Use

The elderly and wheelchair users can manipulate home stair lifts on their own in the absence of a caregiver. A well-oiled stair lift can be operated easily by anyone. Stair lifts take up little space and are customizable according to the user’s needs. Multiple users in a single home may also utilize remote controls to move up and down with stair lifts.

Stair Lifts Encourage Independent Living

Senior citizens and persons with disabilities can now stay in their homes and remain independent with just a push of a button. Stair lifts make it possible for users to opt not to relocate into a facility. Elderly users can also live independently for a longer time without having to move to a one-story home. Independent living becomes less daunting for stair lift users.

Stair Lifts for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Homes with porches, decks, and patios can have stair lifts for total access around the house. Outdoor stair lifts safely assist users for even a few steps, enabling senior citizens and persons with disabilities to move independently around the premises. The equipment also makes moving around the property more enjoyable and with less fear of accidents.

Find the Best Stair Lift for Your Home

Stair lifts improve a home’s accessibility for people who require mobility assistance. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities can safely navigate their homes with the convenience and added support that comes with a stair lift. Contact us today at Coulee Region Mobility in Sparta, WI for a free in-home estimate!

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