Door Modifications

Want access to all your rooms?  Coulee Region Mobility can Widen
That door for you or add a door opener and more.

The ability to go in and out of your house or between rooms should be something you don’t have to worry about. Coulee Region Mobility offers a range of option from door openers, to special hinges that widening your door without remodeling. Let us give you access to your whole house.

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Door Options

Swing Clear Hinge

 Swing clear hinges are great for wheelchair access or for narrow doors which restrict the opening. Swing clear hinges have an offset pivot point that allows the door to swing completely clear of the door opening.

Residential Door Opener

Door Openers

Traditionally door openers were designed for commercial purposes but can be used in the home quite successfully. Also available is a very affordable residential opener which works well on interior doors that do not require a locking device.

Ucontroll Door Opener

Ucontroll Door Opener

Want an easy solution for opening that door remotely. Try the UControll Door Open. There are many benefits to this option.

  • Opens stops or reverses a door at any point in its path
  • Doors can still be manually operated 
  • No damage marks or marring to the door  
  • No tools needed – quick and easy installation/removal 
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 3 weeks 
  • Controls up to 6 interior swing doors with one remote

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