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Common questions we get from our valued customer.


What does Coulee Region Mobility do?

Our mission is not only to construct sturdy, beautiful, and functional products for our clients but to build a long-lasting and trustworthy relationship. Most of our projects come from word-of-mouth recommendations, so it’s important that we do our jobs well. We also believe in only working with top quality materials in order to provide a truly excellent final product – every single time.

What sets Safe Home of La Crosse / Coulee Region Mobility apart is our team making sure that all the work we deliver is absolutely flawless. After all, our superior quality business is precisely what separates us from other similar companies. Whether you need a small touch up or your thinking on a bigger project, let us know what you need and we will help you out.

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I can't fit my Wheelchair through the door.

Swing Clear HingeWe can remove and replace interior as well as exterior doors, modify them to accommodate a ceiling track or simply install swing clear hinges, adding up to 2″ to your existing door.

Check Out Door Modifications For More Information.

Can door openers be used anywhere?

Door OpenerA Traditionally openers were designed for commercial purposes but can be used in the home quite successfully. Also available is a very affordable residential opener which works well on interior doors that do not require a locking device. 

Check Out Door Modifications For More Information.

Where can I use Grab Bars?

Grab bars can be placed almost anywhere you need. Even on thin fiberglass wall surrounds with the use of special ADA approved anchors.

Bath Rails

I can't afford to remodel my bathroom, but it feels unsafe to do nothing.

Bathroom RemodelWe are here to help answer your questions and come up with affordable ideas. For example, Consider a bathtub cutout insert vs a complete tub to shower conversion. They are a cost-effective solution for making it easier to enter your bathtub.

See Bathroom Modifications for More Information

I have difficulty getting my chair over the lip of the front door.

A simple tapered door threshold mat can make transitioning in and out of the home much easier.

Door Threshold Mat

Ramps, wooden or Aluminum?

Wooden RampsWooden ramps are semi-permanent structures generally less expensive but would require some regular maintenance. Aluminum ramps are considered temporary structures which makes it easy to remove and reuse elsewhere and require little maintenance.

See Wheelchair Ramps For More Information

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