Stair Lifts

There are many reasons a person may need assistance going up and down stairs.  We also know your home is unique to you and we want to make sure that it is comfortable for you. Coulee Region Mobility offers several types of chair lifts for your comfort.

Stair Lift For Sale in La Crosse, WI

Whether your challenge is stairway, deck, or entryway, there is an option to get you where you want to be. There are models to navigate up inclines, vertically, or even curved customized to your home.  Do you need to take your wheelchair or even your scooter with you? No Problem we have Lifts capable of doing that as well.

Harmar® is an industry-leading producer of the American made stair lifts that we install. They are a safe and reliable product that can convert any stairway into something that should be no longer looked at as a mobility obstacle.

With the installation of a Harmar® stairlift, it may make it possible for you to stay in your home longer by assisting with the challenge of going up or down the stairs. Also, we proudly sell Harmar® platform lifts – electronically powered devices, allowing wheelchair users to successfully overcome stairs or other elevated home challenges.

Harmar® Stairlift

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Lift Options

Curved mounted stair lift

Stair Lifts

These lifts are mounted in your stairway and can be customized for your home. They are a great solution for straight, curved, short and long stairways. These lift types are more than just convenient, they are a necessity to allow your house to be your home, not an inconvenience.

Outdoor vertical platform lift

Vertical Platform Lifts

Harmar Highlander Vertical Platform Lifts, also known as Porch Lifts, are a great option for indoor and outdoor access.  Wheather you are having fun at a summer barbeque, a simple get together on a deck or gaining access to a home a porch lift can offer you full access to your home without the burden of transferring out of your powerchair, wheelchair or scooter.

Indoor incline platform lift

Incline Platform Lifts

The stairs won’t be a challenge anymore. These incline lifts allow you to roll on and up with less struggle and no transferring required. A safe easy way to gain access and control of every floor of your home.

Harmar® American Stairlift

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