Wheelchair Ramps


Our no cost in-home measurement and estimate will help you make the decision on where to locate your ramp, what type of ramp would best fit your needs. Let us design one that fits your home and lifestyle. We also offer Prairie View brand ramps.

Coulee Region Mobility can install wheelchair ramps where you need them and with the expertise, you can trust. Ramps have very specific regulations and dimensions and you can feel confident that we know how to set up your ramp inside or outside your home.

The ideal wheelchair ramp length should be 1 foot of rising for every 12 feet of run length. If your area approaching your doorway entrance does not allow that, you may need to create turns and landings.

An important consideration before starting will be to think about which external door to use. The front door seems most logical, however, if the ramp becomes very long, it may not be aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, putting a wheelchair ramp on the front yard may require tearing up a sidewalk or driveway to put in pillars to hold the ramp, or getting special permits to bring the ramp closer to the street level than normally allowed.  A backyard ramp may require an asphalt or concrete path to the front. This may be easier to dig holes for the pillars, have more room for the length, and will also be away from the street.

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Ramp Types

Wooden wheelchair ramp

Wooden Wheelchair Ramps

Wooden wheelchair ramps are an affordable alternative for many people securing a ramp for their home. These semi-permanent ramps are installed by Coulee Region Mobility with the construction qualifications and certifications that you can feel assured of the quality product and the construction that will be at your home.

Aluminum modular wheelchair ramp

Modular Ramps

Aluminum modular ramps are a great fit for certain situations which require such things as ease and timeliness of installation, appearance and slip resistance concerns.

Coulee Region Mobility recommends and distributes modular ramp systems.

Pathway ramps offer a textured slip-resistant surface, ergonomically designed handles that are flexible, non-breakable and offer a comfortable way to transport the ramp sections. A self-adjusting bottom transition plate allows for independent adjustment to uneven ground level surfaces. Let us design one that fits your home and lifestyle.

Portable mobility ramp

Portable Ramps

Designed for quick and easy use with mobility scooters and wheelchairs, the portable mobility ramps serve as an inexpensive accessibility solution where semi-permanent modular ramps or vertical platform lifts are not applicable.

We can help you decide from a selection of leading brand of semi-permanent access ramps available in multiple configurations. All of the ramp systems that we install have been rated as some of the safest on the market today and are fully compliant with ADA, OSHA, IBC guidelines.

Ask us more about the threshold ramps, platform step, short step and more.

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