Coulee Region Mobility offers
        several types of accessible ceiling lifts for your comfort.

Ceiling Track Lifts

Track lifts are naturally out of the way and can reach any room. A track lift can go through doorways, over beds, toilets, tubs, showers, and chairs to eliminate most of your transfers.

Coulee Region Mobility can customize and install any track lift to go anywhere in your house. You can lift yourself and travel anywhere your track is located, or you can use the ceiling lift with a caregiver and easily glide to your bed, your chair, your toilet, your tub or shower, your recliner, and anywhere else.

Track lifts come with two different motors and many different configurations and Coulee Region Mobility can help you choose between permanent, semi-permanent, portable or a combination to suit your needs and your home. We are happy to meet with you, assess your home, and find the best solution.

A portable ceiling lift has long legs that extend around the wheelchair or under the bed. It is operated either with a hydraulic lift or a battery powered lift.

Portable Ceiling Lifts

One options that we use at Coulee Region Mobility when it comes to portable ceiling lifts is the P-440 Portable Ceiling Lift. Unique and innovative, the stylish P-440 stretches the boundaries of portable ceiling lifts.

This lift can be attached to any track system, whether it is a portable or fixed track. Additional this lift can be easily moved to different tracks for added mobility.

Fixed Ceiling Lifts

One option for a fixed ceiling lift is the C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift. It delivers innovation, reliability, along with superior comfort and safety, the C-450 addresses many of the issues that make patient transfer complex or difficult. The C-450 has been designed with a full set of standard features that can be safely and easily operated by a single caregiver.

Fixed ceiling lifts are most commonly used in hospitals and are more versatile for the user by offering different carry bar options to fit your sling, as well as offering power or manual movement.

A fixed ceiling mounted track can go through doorways, over beds, toilets, tubs, showers, and chairs to eliminate most of your transfers.

Prism Medical, a Handicare Company Logo

Coulee Region Mobility is pleased to partner with Prism Medical, a Handicare Company. Prism ceiling lift systems can provide a new sense of confidence to even the toughest transfers. These ceiling lifts will help to reduce the anxiety, uncertainty, and discomfort that you or your caregivers face when repositioning or lifting.

For more information about Prism Medical and their variety of lifts, download this ceiling lift brochure.

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